Golden Autumn in September, Charming City of Yishui


Golden Autumn in September,Charming City of YiShui


                                          -Recording the 2018 staff tourist activities of Huaxin


With the continuous expansion of the company’s scale, the more and more standardized of corporate culture, the more and more perfect of management system that the humanization of the company has been fully reflected. Therefore, in this season of golden autumn , the company organized this tour in order to let everyone to wash away the sweat of hard work in the summer and feel the greatness of nature. At the same time, with the purpose of encouraging all colleagues to make persistent efforts to meet new challenges in a better state. This event enriched the staff’s spare time, enhanced communication and collaboration between departments, and made the big family of Huaxin become more harmonious and better to enhance the cohesiveness.


     This activity is based on enriching the lives of employees and enhancing the cohesiveness of the entire group. Our company attaches great importance to this activity and has detailed arrangements for the entire event in advance through the department of General Office. And the colleague of office personally took the lead.

     In this tour, all of staffs have arrived at the Underground Fluorescent Lake, the Underground Grand Canyon, the Heavenly Kings and many other places. For the clear air, the bright sunshine, the blue sky, the green trees are dizzying. Along the way, everyone is enthusiastic and mutual concern, and the journey is filled with laughter and warmth. While enjoying the fun process, everyone can feel the warmth from the big family of company and the confirm the decision and confidence to contribute wisdom and strength to the company’s development.

 At 11:30 in the morning of September 7, 2018, a total of 160 people of Huaxin Electric Furnace, led by the sales general manager Diao Lilong and production general manager Xue Yanjie, took the bus to Yishui and began the journey.



Post time: Sep-11-2018
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